Monday, August 23, 2010

Globalization is a fancy word for Outsourcing

This past weekend, I was watching a movie that was set in India - and again like other famous movies that use that setting - their leads were placed in a call center utilized by the US. It really got me thinking about the past ten years. In the early part of this new century, I was working in the IT department for a well known Financial Services firm when rumblings of potential outsourcing began. We were all making very decent salaries, but petrified about what this would mean for our jobs.  By 2003 - it was in full swing and a reality. Not only the call center, but an entire IT development team was created in India and slowly the work was squeezed out of our offices. By 2004, major publications were reporting that Outsourced IT services was bringing in $12 billion for India and they were leading the world in IT exports.  IT grads in that country were being paid about $5,400 a year to do the work that people in the states were no longer doing.

I know it's nothing new to state that Corporate Greed mixed with our own government's desire to get certain countries to assist in war efforts started our economic decline - but it still boggles my mind to see that those same entities are the ones that cried out the loudest as it all came crumbling down. As this administration continues to try and dig us out - all the while being blamed for more and more - Americans are waiting for some miraculous Savior to create new jobs - when so many jobs were removed from our country. Perhaps that has become the American Way: a place that was once the land of opportunity has become the land of waiting for someone else to 'fix it.'  I think we should all take responsibility for allowing it to have happened in the first place. We weren't loud enough to stand up for ourselves. We can still help make decisions in this country by involvement in our politics, by voting for who speaks out for us, by making a change instead of just using it as a campaign slogan.

Oh...and me? I no longer work at that company. I walked away in 2006 to follow my passion of the arts and manage an arts center now. Walked away from a very high paying job, but it was well worth it to follow my happiness. Besides: I'm sure I would have been one of the casualties had I stayed. It was just a matter of time and my job would have been outsourced as well. 

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