Thursday, August 19, 2010

Is this relevant?

As a writer who is trying to get his work published, I can’t help but always have my eye looking towards what makes it to the bookshelves.  We’re told it’s about what is hot right now, applicable, topical. (Is there a Vampire in your story?) But besides that – I can’t help but notice that gimmicks/notoriety/fame can play a huge part in what makes it to our local bookstore or   

An actor or singer that has something to share. A stage play that was such a hit – a book needed to be written about it. 

A well known children’s story told by a different perspective. 

Or one of my favorites: a cable television show about a writer – so you just KNOW that all viewers would want to see what this fictional person would write. (And it’s sold well.)

No, I’m not a jealous wanna-be that’s crying “when is it my turn?” I completely see one form of art leading to another. After all, I’ve been an actor, singer, director, playwright, composer, producer, and yes- even an author. So why wouldn’t I believe that others would do the exact same thing? 

No, not bitter. Instead I’m thinking “what brilliant gimmick/stunt/tie-in could I come up with that would make the world feel they couldn’t live without my words too."

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