Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Fork in the Road

Yesterday I was interviewed by a college journalism class. The students had studied up on my life (from my website), asked questions about my writing, my career, and my work as the managing director of the arts center on our campus. One question stuck out: “what do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment?”

This really got me thinking. At forty one, should I already have had my ‘biggest accomplishment”? My life has been full of many bends and turns along the road – not unlike most people who believe they are setting out to achieve “X” and find that “Y & Z” are a much better fit for their lives. I’ve had a great journey and have been able to do so many different things. While I can look back and say “I never got to do this” or “I didn’t quite make it to that” – family and friends are quick to point out all I have realized. I went from being an actor to climbing the corporate ladder in NYC and then returned to my heart’s passion in the arts in my late 30s.

Sometimes, it’s the decisions we make that cause the most agita. Actually doing it isn’t so hard, it’s convincing ourselves that we’re making the best possible choice for that particular moment in our lives. I hope I never have to stop choosing. I enjoy the feeling of  taking on something new. I can appreciate the time it takes to create my pros and cons list and research, research, research. I thrive on the initial fear it brings and then relish in the glow of achieving it. My insides rev up as I see that fork in the road with the knowledge that it’s time to determine the best path to take.   


  1. Very well said. I really like this entry.

  2. Thanks, Ang! I know you've reinvented yourself over and over again too.