Friday, September 10, 2010


In this weekend of remembrance - I remember it all very well. I was in the World Trade Center in '93 during the first bombing and walked down 98 floors. In 2001, I stood in Hoboken looking across the water at those two signs of the US economic power crumbling. But much more than brick and mortar and people's lives have crumbled since that horrific day. Human kindness has all but evaporated. The fabric of our society is splitting in two as people yell across invisible lines at each other that their way of thinking is better than another. That their religious beliefs mean more than someone else's. 

I am a Christian - but believe that all have a right to their own beliefs. And to do something terrible (in the name of God - or to get your fifteen minutes of fame) is not the Christian faith I care to be associated with.  Yes - we should remember 9/11 and all the lives lost. But we should also remember the lives that are still attempting to live together in this country comprised of immigrants and people that may not look exactly like us.  Just because our skin color is different or our views may not be in sync does not make us any less human. It truly saddens me the more I read where people are claiming the U.S. as only 'one way' of thinking or viewing the world. We must be careful because it is not a far stretch to see us melding towards other societies that came before us - those that had a very narrow view of the world and thought that anyone that believed other than them had no rights. 


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