Monday, November 1, 2010

Back to Life

I just returned from an amazing vacation – one of those ‘once in a lifetime things’ that I could go on and on about seeing the Roman Coliseum, the Pyramids of Egypt or standing in the stable where Jesus was born in Bethlehem…but instead I chose to discuss those moments we notice when we return home.

There are several factors that play into your return experience (length of time away, location you went, etc) – and maybe these are just things that happen to me – but I wanted to share a list that jumped out at me.

     1. About two days before vacation is over, my mind returns long before my body and I began to list the things I need to accomplish once I return.
      2. Walking in your house after being away for more than two weeks and everything just ‘looks & feels’ different from the hotel room/cruise ship statement you've called 'home'.
      3. Remembering there is no milk in the fridge for breakfast and either you or your spouse has to draw straws to see who is going to go to the store.
      4. Creating that pile of dirty clothes as you unpack and the realization that you and only you will be doing that laundry. (Along with the towels you can no longer throw on the bathroom floor expecting someone else to pick them up.)
      5. Using your real toothbrush instead of the travel toothbrush.  Awwwww.
      6. Never noticing how much junk mail you really receive until it’s all there in one pile.
      7. Getting behind the wheel of your car after being escorted around on tour buses and taxis during your vacation – but like a bike, you pick it right back up with no problems.
      8. Like a fool, deciding to return on Halloween night when all you want to do is go to bed and all the neighborhood children are laughing and screaming outside your window - so you turn off all your lights so they will not ring your doorbell.      
      9. The weather. Just a few days ago I was in shorts and running the air conditioner in my stateroom on a cruise ship every day – only to return to the coldest morning New Jersey has seen this season.  Ouch!
     10. The trees that I swear were still wearing their leaves when I left decided to let go of them and several found a nesting place on my car windshield.  Watching them blow off the car this morning on my way to work reminded me once again that vacation (and warm weather) was truly over.

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