Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Red Velvet Cake

Today my mind is all about a certain boy that turned nine years old. He is just like any other child who gets to spend the day hearing the sounds of “happy birthday” shouted as he walks down the hall of his school. He will be opening presents and reveling in the knowledge that sweets will be a part of his birthday dinner as well. This nine year old is my godson – and I am so proud to see all that he has become. 

Several years ago, I wrote the following poem about him:  

Today my godson looked me in the eye. 
We had a connection like never before. 
No, he's not a baby who is finally noticing the world. 
He is three years old. 

My godson has his own world he lives in. 
Most times, people are not allowed to visit. 
There is happiness in his world and confusion as well. 
I'm sure he wonders why we can't all understand what he's going through. 

They say there are many forms of autism. 
e loves to recite the same things over and over. 
It's a thrill when I can interject a new word into his
Running monologue and hear him repeat it. 
It means I somehow was invited in for that very short moment. 

I have no idea what is in store for him down the road. 
There is growth and changes every day. 
But for a moment, he actually stopped and looked me deep in the eye 
as if to acknowledge he knew I was there and that he was there too. 
My heart melted.

Now, these six years later – it is amazing to see him coming into his own. He still sees the world through his own filter, but I’ve been able to witness his incredibly smart mind as he sits and does homework; the joy he brings to those around him when he engulfs them in his laughter; the happiness he possesses in living the routines that keep him balanced. From horseback riding, to karate to eating red velvet cake at his favorite restaurant – he is just like every other nine year old who experiences all the world has to offer.  Happy birthday, Gabe!    

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  1. All I can say is tears of happiness. This was so great!