Monday, December 6, 2010

Books As Children

I love to read writer's blogs: the trials and tribulations authors must endure to get something published. It makes me feel as if I'm not alone in this vast sea of the publishing world. People will ask the old question "do you write out of love or do you write to get published?" I always thought I had just had one story in me - a story that took me years to finish. My original goal was to simply publish that one on my own and call it a day. But an editor who worked on it told me in no uncertain terms to not self publish. He believed in the piece and still feels someone out there will not shy away from the subject matter.  

But after working on that story, another grew from my mind and another and another until I'm looking down at four different novels on the hard drive of my computer, collecting technical dust while they await finding that perfect person that will say "I must publish this!" Granted, only two of the four have seen the light of day and made their way out into the world, but I continue to work on the others while the first two children have left the nest in search of a home. And at times, story ideas will pop in my head that are right for a short story and I'll write those and send off to some magazine or literary place that publish such a thing. But it is the children - the four that speak in their own voice and have taken on personalities of their own that I still feel most proud. And like a parent, I can't choose one over another. They each speak to a different place in my life/my mind - and hold a dear place in my heart. 

I often wonder if/when I do get them published, will it all seem strange to me because the writing process on each will seem like a lifetime ago or will I feel a fresh renewed surge in their lives because people will start to see and critique my children. I guess I can't answer that question until the day arrives - and every day I say a little prayer that I'm getting that much closer to the day my kids will graduate.

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