Thursday, December 23, 2010

Looking Back

I know it's time to be having parties and enjoying the holidays, but I can't help but use it as a time of reflection too. Eight years ago this past weekend, my father passed away from heart disease at an early age. I think of how much has gone on in our lives since then...and how much he's missed. I have a brother serve a tour of duty in Iraq and get married during that time, a mother who has moved into a new home - done some traveling even after two knee surgeries and continues to work daily, a sister who raised two girls through their teenage years beautifully and who has followed her own dreams of constantly performing - and I have had several changes in those 8 years as well.  
           In '06 I completely switched careers.  In '08 I got married and started down the path of fiction writing after years of writing musicals and managed to get about 12 stories/poems published.  Every day I look in the mirror I see my father. Yes, I have my mom's grandfather's nose - but I see my dad in how my hair wants to part, the amount of chins I have managed to get, and the small dark spots that pop up around my neck (thanks, Dad!) :-)  I know how proud he would be of all of us if he were here today. 
           Instead of looking at what I constantly have NOT achieved (which I am so good at doing) - this season I want to think about all that I have accomplished and how much more is left for me to do. Time for me to be more positive in my endeavors and take time to enjoy each victory that happens. I challenge you all to do the same and have a very Merry Christmas with your family and friends!

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