Monday, December 27, 2010

The Snow Can Go

New Jersey backyard
My age is starting to show. I'm not as forgiving as I used to be. I don't enjoy the loud booming of music from cars that I pass on the road. And most importantly - my bones can't take the cold. Now you would think someone with as much padding around their bones as the namesake of this blog would always be warm (and I do run hot when inside my warm house), but I just can't take the bitterness outside. I've lived in the North now for 23 years and with each winter, I turn to my other half and beg to migrate south. We talk about it, we dream of other places - but we've yet to make that huge move. Now I know that if I were somewhere in the South, I'm certain I would complain about the hot summers, but with the wind chill in single digits this morning - that sounds like heaven. I noticed as this ' After Christmas Blizzard' they were calling for started to become a reality yesterday that my mood changed drastically. And I became...well...sort of nutty. Call it seasonal mood swings or whatever you will. All I know is that while others could see the beauty of God putting a white blanket over everything (and yes - for a split second, I saw it), I was thinking about the feeling of being trapped by that cloak. The thought of shoveling it all out. The cold that pierces your body while you have to be out in it and the amount of time it takes to warm back up. And how hard it is for this fat man to breathe in the layers of clothes and strenuous work of shoveling. Perhaps I should see it as an opportunity to use the winter months to shed the 60 pounds I need to lose. But I'm sure if I did, winter would still be the time of the year that I'd love to visit at a log cabin someplace, but not live in. 
Happy digging out Tri-State and New England. Those that live here have been used to the ritual for years.   

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