Friday, December 10, 2010

Will a Unibrow Make YOU aware of your favorite Cause?

I am just as guilty as the next person (if we want to use the word guilty) of bringing attention to different causes in strange and unique ways. I changed my Facebook profile picture to a cartoon last week for child abuse awareness, I've worn red on Worlds AIDS day, I drive with an autism ribbon on my car, I've signed up on many anti-bullying websites - and yes, I even do the tried and true and give money to different organizations. There is literally a color, logo, or slogan for just about every organization, disease or campaign one could imagine. 

While some of the things out there can be categorized as silly/fun games (women's status lines on Facebook about where they like it for breast cancer awareness or their bra color) - others are genuinely smart marketing tools to bring attention and focus to any given cause that is near and dear to people's hearts.    
Last month I thought the mustache growing exercise for men was a cleaver way to raise awareness AND money for prostate cancer. But now, December has brought us one that screams someone has too much time on their hands. The unibrow for women.  They haven't even attached it to a cause - choose a cause they tell you! Just stop being feminine and grow that bush on your face.

While I applaud creativity of all kinds, sometimes I think people need to evaluate their reasons for doing something. Is it just to say "check out my great marketing skills" or is it really to give people insight into a cause they may know little about?  

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