Wednesday, December 1, 2010

World AIDS Day

As the world sets this day aside to bring attention to the global epidemic of AIDS, I still think about how it continues to play a huge part in the lives of Americans living with HIV every day. Sometimes it seems as if the media and others have grown weary of the disease and choose to no longer report on those adults and children still fighting the disease and the scientist who are working to eradicate it. Each time I hear of someone else we have lost to the disease (yes, people are still dying from  it) I myself find it hard to believe it has been a part of the fabric of our lives for so long. But it's not over. Keep it vocal on more than just one day. 

I wrote this poem a few years ago - but it still rings true today.  

One day.

One day of 365 to ponder
This deadly disease.
A disease that has grown
Over a twenty-five-year life span.
Many still dying an inhuman death,
While others live
With a daily reminder-
In the form of multi-colored pills.
Stigma severely secured to those
Who can afford the medication
As well as the numerous people
That do not have the money
To pay for this life support.
Labels attached to each person
Who fights the battle-
Secretly or out in the open.
Hatred has not subsided
For those who now call it
A “manageable disease.”
They still live with
Stares and misunderstanding.
One day.
One day of many in the lives of those
Living and dying.

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