Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Ever Shrinking World

It is amazing how small the world gets after you travel. Not only do I get excited when seeing a place on Amazing Race I've visited - but my heart aches a little more when I see devestation as well. The fact I have visited one of these locations makes me feel a little closer to that spot. Pompeii ruins falling and knowing Italy is already at a loss to pay to build this place back up, the riots that occurred in Rome - recalling travelers were told to be extra careful when we were there...(the recent riots had nothing to do with terrorist however), terror plots in London when it was one of my favorite cities to visit, the tourist bus accident that killed people in Egypt (on the actual side we sat on in that bus when we had visited), suicide bombing in Alexandria and recently reading about gays in St. Petersburg Russia being assaulted for attempting to have their first gay pride parade. 

Each of these cities are so far from my day-to-day life, but each are full of regular people and families just like any town near me in New Jersey. The fact that I've walked through them just makes it all a little more real to me when I see the images on my television. And just as before when my brother spent over a year in Iraq serving our country, now my eyes will be on Afghanistan as I will have a part of me there while he once again serves this great country of ours. 

The world may be large, but it is actually quite small when you truly think about it. 

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