Thursday, January 6, 2011

Off The Streets

I think ‘come-back’ stories are what makes America who we are. Those stories that make us feel good about our own lives by watching people that have crawled through adversity to make something of themselves. I’m just as big a sucker for them as the next guy. Human interest pieces that tug at the heart strings. The moment I heard about Rufus Hannah was after he had already become an internet sensation as the bum who was doing fights on the street. Being taken advantage of by some thrill-seeking online producers  – exploiting him by paying him a few bucks a fight to feed his drinking habits. But a man took him under his wing, helped him to get clean and sober, offered him a job – and the two have since written a book about it. As a matter of fact, if you do a search on on “homeless” in the books section, you’ll find numerous stories of people who have come out on the other side. And everyone deserves that chance. 
Ted Williams
Today’s headlines have Ted Williams with his golden voice heading down that same path. Amazing story that morning news shows cannot get enough of. My only fear in this instance is that this poor man has been thrust into the spotlight so quickly – I hope he is given the chance for true rehabilitation before he becomes the new spokesperson for every product known to mankind. Watching him start to crumble this morning on the Today show (as he admittedly was desperately needing a cigarette) made me worry that it is all moving too quickly. It’s great that society wants to take these people and turn them into instant stars – but shouldn’t they each have the chance to slowly recover from the addictions and atrocities they have lived through first?

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  1. Unfortunately, one week later and this man is showing all sorts of signs of falling apart - while those same news and radio shows are now devouring his decline as they 'report' it.