Monday, February 21, 2011

Blame it on the Pheromones?

I find it very hard to fathom that people still blame women when it comes to a sexual assault or harassment. Reading comments on forums about the CBS correspondent Lara Logan who was attacked in Egypt or the woman last fall who was harassed in the Jet’s locker room - people are quick to blame the woman’s apparel or ask the question “why is a woman there anyways?” The reasoning behind some of the statements I’ve read make it seem as if men are just primal animals who cannot control themselves in the presence of a woman. If a woman is put in the midst of a group of men – they will always be attacked. That is the most asinine excuse I’ve ever heard. Men (the last time I checked) have brains and know the difference between right and wrong. Giving into the excuse of ‘mob mentality’ allows the men to act in whatever way they chose and say basically a woman should know better. I saw MEN should know better.
Lara Logan before her attack.

First those that are perpetrating the act and second those that are ignorant enough to comment in such a way on a public forum. Women are not to be blamed for doing the job they are paid to do and taking the crap dished out by these men any more than a man would be in that position and ended up being kidnapped or worse yet – murdered. I’m appalled that people add the word ‘sexual’ to assault or harassment and suddenly no one is responsible for thinking anymore and it’s ‘obviously’ the tight outfit the woman is wearing. Word is coming out now that Ms. Logan was brutally attacked and for what? Because she had long blonde hair and men couldn't keep their hands to themselves? I wish people would use common sense and think a tiny bit more before giving men a free pass for bad behavior. Anyone who has read anything on this story has to see just how heinous at act it was.  

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