Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's a Plan!

What makes some people planners and others have the gift of being spontaneous? There are those of us that need to know what  we'll be doing weeks in advance and others can stop what they are doing and shift gears. I was talking to a friend about this recently and wish I could live my life more in the latter. But I've been a planner from day 1. Checking of my list. I bet I was in my mother's womb deciding the exact moment I would make my entrance. I see my youngest niece deciding on college for next fall and I'm taken back to when I had known by my sophomore year of high school that I would be going to NYC. 
As an adult, everyone knows I plan vacations - wayyyyy in advance. I think I always need to have something to be looking forward to...something coming along down the road. And if life gets too quiet, I think of new things to plan. Now those goals are not always met (I'm turning 42 soon and the plan to have my first novel published before I was 40 came and went), but then I'll rewrite the plan to go a different way. While I'll be the first to admit that I love when people come to me to help them as they work out their own plans, I do wish I had a bit of that ability to stop and enjoy the day at hand. If there was one thing I could do better - it would be to live in the present a little more and less looking down the road. 
Perhaps I'll add that to my check list of things to do.

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