Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Parent's Love

I always thought parents of gay children that support their child's coming out period are truly amazing. Especially those in this generation that are coming out at such an early age and yet those parents do all they can to understand and support their child through those developmental years.  (My own mother was pretty awesome dealing with me and I was already out of her house when I came out.) But a few nights ago, I watched a show that really got to me about transgendered people. I want to be careful how I say this as I don’t want to offend one group or another. But seeing young children on this show that truly believed they were in the wrong body and how they were dealing with it; witnessing the pain in the parent's eyes as they did all they could to support their child while they mourned the loss of the gender they were born – I was completely blown away. I cannot even imagine what these people must go through. Growing up, I could hide my homosexuality, but I never had to look in a mirror and despise myself in the way these children are. I find it heartbreaking for them to actually be going through it, and my heart also aches for the parents. But I did see the meaning of unconditionally love in that show as a parent allowed their young boy to live his life as a girl. And a mother took her teenage daughter to start her testosterone injections. That is a love I’m sure I’ll never know as someone who is not a parent. But man am I inspired to see that it exists.   

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