Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Voices to be Heard

I have been watching with the rest of the world as young people gather together to demand a change. Not unlike young generations in other countries prior to them. The US became infamous for the protesters on college campuses during the Vietnam War. And it was pretty well known that it was that generation turning out in droves at our last presidential election that aided in "a change" to the White House. And here are a group wanting their voices to be heard as well. It was only three months ago that I was actually in Egypt and I can still see those faces in my mind. Everywhere we went, we were greeted with smiles. Our female guide gave us insight into the education system as well as roles of women in the family and society. (Though there are places women can not enter, it is the matriarch of the family that makes many of the decisions.) They are a proud country, but one that has many issues with government (which even goes to the amount of trash around the major cities as it will not be picked up, though citizens pay for such a service). 

For a country yearning for a democratic society, a single man has lead for 30 years and they are declaring enough is enough. No one knows how this will play out. I only hope they receive assistance in creating a true environment in which voting can take place and not simply another group attempts to take-over the government. And I pray the revolting does not lead to great amounts of blood shed and detriment to the history of that country through looting and damages. But my patriotic heart longs for them to see the day when they are in control of choosing their leaders and feel they are being heard. Even in those times when we don't always believe every group in our country is 'heard': we still have a pretty amazing country when you hold it up against those fighting for what we see as standard human rights.  

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