Thursday, February 10, 2011

You Want to Pay Me WHAT?

Everyone has collectively said that teachers in the U.S. do not get paid what they are worth. The people challenged with educating our children are paid next to nothing when you hold it up against other professions in this country. (Movie Star or athlete anyone?)  As a matter of fact, if you did a search on low paying jobs, much of the service industry that keeps our lives afloat fall into those categories. But last night, I was really baffled by something I watched on ABC. Airline pilots starting salaries are $17,000 a year. There was an entire story done on these men and women not making enough to live near the hub cities they work.  Many only get a few hours of sleep prior to a flight in the crew lounge or some sort of makeshift flophouse where they sleep in bunk beds in over crowded rooms. These are the people who have our lives in their hands up in the skies. It really made me stop and think about the value we place on different industries. Or lack of value in some cases. I realize people do not want "Big Brother" dictating what people should and shouldn't make in our society, but it seems to me that at some point - someone needs to step in and rethink the conditions under which people work. If pilots are having to shack up in bunks because they can't afford a decent place to rest - this has a direct affect on public safety. If truck drivers going across country are not monitored and told when they need to pull over and get into their cab to sleep - again, other's lives are at risk. And just maybe...MAYBE at some point we'll see the value of education addressed so that kids grow up believing that giving back to a child as a mentor/teacher is just as important as how fast you can dribble a ball.  

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