Saturday, March 5, 2011

Belief in Destiny

I have wrestled with the question of destiny and fate for many years in my writing. I love the concept and wrote a musical called Destiny & Dreams and actually look at my stories from the past few years and still notice that theme rears its head. Are we in control of it? Is everything in life preordained? I think it's one of the reasons I love the movie Somewhere in Time. Not simply because it's a love story, but because it deals with someone taking hold of their destiny by trying to dictate what will happen. I went to see the opening weekend of The Adjustment Bureau tonight and the theme of fate versus free will has come forward once again. From the commercial I wasn't completely sure what the movie would entail - but I really enjoyed it. (And there even seems to be a nod to Somewhere in Time with the lead female characters having the same name. The short story Adjustment Team by Philip K. Dick came out before Bid Time Return of which Somewhere is based, but the female name in the short story is different - so I'm gonna think the director/writer did it on purpose.) In one point in the evening, I found myself deep in philosophical thought about what life is all about. We are all here for a short time attempting to make something of our lives and just hoping we can find that person to share this life with. But in the greater scheme of it all, this is just a small blip on a much larger radar. Yet still...I hope that the creative life I have chosen or has chosen me continues to feed my soul for this time that I am here. And I'm glad that my road twisted and turned in the way that it did to lead me to that person who supports my crazy life and shares all those moments with me. Did we get to choose each other or were we destined to meet? I'm still wrestling with that one and will probably continue writing about it in many different forms for years yet to come.  

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