Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ding-Dong! Avon calling!

What a great week to go to the theatre! I followed up this past Tuesday with a dose of Joseph Smith and the Mormon church tonight.  What a fantastic show! The creative guys behind South Park have finally made their way to the Great White Way where they belong with this old-fashion feel musical. The Book of Mormon basically snuck into NYC while everyone was talking about Spider-man and ran off with rave reviews when it opened this past Thursday, including a love letter from the NY Times. And it deserves them all. With music by one of the men behind Avenue Q - this show is the gift that keeps giving. Rocking ensemble numbers, power ballads...and lyrics you'll keep asking "did they just say that?" And how refreshing to have an original musical back on Broadway...which at its heart is a buddy musical from years past. Only these two buddies don't meet on the road to Morocco - they are Mormons sent to Africa to spread the word of Mr. Smith. One may think the South Park creators are poking fun at a certain religion, but even with some crass lyrics and story line (that you can't help but laugh at), the shows themes ring universal. And the energy by this amazing cast can't be matched. I never jumped to my feet so fast in a theater (perhaps because the leg room was tiny and I was losing blood in them) - but I digress. It will be hard to get tickets for a while, but I say get them if you can! Welcome to NY Trey & Matt...all the way from South Park, Colorado and now bringing us Salt Lake City & Uganda. Broadway has been waiting for you.

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