Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stop Hiding

If you are a politician or the head of an organization that truly despises one group and their presumed agenda, then just say that. To change the words and/or reasoning surrounding the situation to seem like you're standing for something else (and not that you're really against the former), makes people look like idiots. I understand that people are passionate about their beliefs. That's actually a good thing. But respect what it is you truly believe in and just say it! If in your heart you cannot comprehend why gays exists in the world, how homosexuals can possibly lead productive lives  and what they provide for our society - say it. Especially if you have been divorced don't say you are 'anti-gay marriage' because you believe in the sanctity of marriage. Hypocrisy anyone? And if you're on your third or 4th wife (loud-mouth radio hosts and potential presidential nominees) - your actions do not show you believe that marriage is between one man and one woman: so stop using that slogan. I would have so much more respect for these people if they would just say "I really can't stand gay people" instead of hiding. I know in our 'politically correct society' it's not proper to say what you really mean - but I'd prefer honesty in this situation. My blood boils when I read certain people are going off on any kind of gay equality when their own house is in total disarray. Oh - and btw: I believe in divorce as I'm the product of two parents who were married before and I would not exists without it. But if our country wants to go so far as to demand stringent rules placed around the sanctity of marriage, then go all the way. Outlaw divorce. Many people believe Catholics to be "The Church" and they see it as a grave offense. So if all of this fight is about the placement of religion in a marriage, then everyone should just listen to The Pope (he wrote with his tongue in his cheek).

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