Saturday, May 7, 2011

Do You See What I See?

I was watching Yentl on cable this morning (yes, I play into the cliché of watching Barbra Streisand movies) and I traveled back in time when I owned that album and played it over and over until it would begin to skip on my small record player. The amazing thing was what themes one can get from a movie or a song. As a writer, when I finish a story and pass it to someone to read, I love the feedback that I get. What they take away from it may not always be what I was thinking when writing it, but I love that it touched them in a different way. We all bring our own background (baggage) to what we see and read that colors how we view situations in everyday life.

I’ve often thought I was drawn to writing stories of obsession, addiction, or someone’s longing for something new (sounds like Yentl). Those seemed to be a common thread in my writing. But just yesterday a friend pointed out another commonality in what I do – never giving my reader exactly what they think they are going to get. I looked at my writings and found it to be true in just about everything I’ve done. (I suppose that is not such an awful trait.) Soon I hope that more people will be able to read my works – once they are out in the public, but for now I’m thrilled to have those readers that can be honest about what my writings say to them…and occasionally hold up a mirror to me and I get to see something new in my work now and again.         

Oh…and as a teenage boy, this Yentl song spoke wonders to me about coming out of the closet.

I’ve wanted the shadows,
I don’t anymore.
No matter what happens,
I won't anymore
I've run from the sunlight-
Afraid it saw too much.
The moon had the one light
I bathed in-
I walked in.
I held in my feelings
And closed every door.
No matter what happen.
I can't anymore.
There's someone who must hear
The words I've never spoken.
Tonight if he were here
My silence would be broken.
I need him to touch me-
To know the love that's in my heart-
The same heart that tells me
To see myself-
To free myself-
To be myself at last!
For too many mornings
The curtains were drawn.
It's time they were opened
To welcome the dawn.
A voice deep inside
Is getting stronger,
I can't keep it quiet any longer.
No matter what happens,
It can't be the same anymore...
I promise it won't be the same

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