Monday, May 16, 2011

First Write: Then Promote

Writing can be one of the loneliest things I've ever done. You feel you are in some sort of self imposed exile while you attempt to get every perfect word written. Then you hand it off to an editor who marks it up and gives it back to you like a graded paper. Next, you gather an assortment of people to read it and give you feedback and then you wait to hear what those people are actually thinking. I've spent the last five+ years working on my first novel and this fall, Well With My Soul will finally be available to be in the hands of friends and strangers to see what I have been working on. Today as I unleashed a Facebook page dedicated to that 'self promotion' and took to twitter this weekend (to begin to understand that social world as well), it all feels exciting and scary at the same time. I'm thrilled to start the discussion about my book so that people will actually buy it in five months when it is published, but an entire different side comes into play when you move from author to self promoter. All I can do is take that leap and hope that people will be interested enough in what I have to say to read it and then tell others. Here we go!  

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