Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring Cleaning...Shedding Pounds

I am not happy unless I am deep into a project. And as if my job, my marriage, publishing my first novel, editing other novels is not enough - I added losing weight as well. The last time I underwent a major weight loss plan was over 10 years ago. And while that time had some sort of 'ego' involved, this time it was all about health. As a man in my 40s with heart disease and diabetes in my family history (my father had his first heart attack in his 40s and died in his late 50s), I knew it was time. Something just clicked in early March and said "Do this!" So I needed a kick start and went on NutriSystems (which I had previously done...and no, this is not an advertisement for them). I realize that everyone's body is different and it takes all kinds of 'diets' to work for different people. But this one works for me (for some reason). I don't eat it exclusively as I know eventually I will need to go back to real food. So I do both. And I cut back and count and watch and all that stuff we know we're supposed to do. And then I added walking, but walking. Just to get this big body of mine moving. And two months later, it is really working. 
Thirty-one pounds down this morning and I already feel so much better. Yes I'm still listed as obese on the BMI scale, but at least my breathing is better and I don't wake during the night from fear of chocking from my large neck. I don't get out of breath from simple tasks and my energy has increased. Not to mention that my blood pressure (yes, I take the pill each morning) has gone down and staying down. My cholesterol and triglycerides are in great shape. In two weeks, I'm doing a stress test to get a baseline on my heart just to make sure Dad hasn't passed some things to me through my genes, but if he did - I'm making choices that he did not make so that I can stick around for a while. (Thanks, Dad for teaching me lessons from Heaven!)
And oh yes, I may have to change the title of this blog - but if so: it'll well be worth it.  
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  1. Thanks for the Twitter follow Greg. Keep up the great work--I just dropped 16 hard-lost pounds myself.

  2. Good for you, Kathryn! It's a job in itself to lose the weight, but so worth it!