Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time Keeps Slipping

In my head, I still think I'm some young guy in my twenties running around to numerous auditions in New York. I'm not sure how the last twenty years flew by so quickly, but yesterday I was reminded once again of how my body is telling me that I'm aging. A nuclear stress test. This was encouraged by my doctor for many reasons. I'm over weight (though down 34 pounds in the last 2 and a half months) and my family history of heart disease (Dad had his first attack in his 40s and died in his late 50s). Running on that treadmill while the doctor and assistant carry on a conversation is humiliating for the fat guy who is attempting to not interrupt their discussion with huffs and puffs. 

I still want to believe I'm young and invincible, but even though my brain says one thing - the years on my body tell me another. And always through something medical (that first colonoscopy was a buzz kill to my youth and my daily high blood pressure medicine is also a constant reminder). Let's face it: men hate to be told what to do and despise going to doctors. But at some point, we have to face the fact we are not the same people we were when we were younger. We can't eat the same things and we certainly can't stay out living it up as we did back then. 

In this season of school graduations surrounding me (from my niece in high school to the college students at my job), I feel I'm reminded of the joys of youth and how far away from it my body has gotten. My mind is still there, but the body is pulling up the rear in the race. To those students I say "enjoy life now! It's gonna fly quickly!" 

Oh and I think my ticker is gonna be just fine according to the test yesterday. Perhaps I didn't get those same genes from my father or just maybe my brain is the loudest organ in my body saying "Get Healthy!"

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