Wednesday, June 29, 2011


When you hear the word addiction does your mind go to a bad place? Drugs. Booze. Sex. Gambling. Facebook. Or can it be a secret obsession that you have? After I've written a dozen short stories and novels, I look back and see if I can notice a common thread in what I do. Oddly enough - addiction seems to be a theme of my brother's memoir PROUD PANTS out in July as well as the novel coming out this fall. It has also made its way into other stories of mine which causes me to think about my own personality. I've always known I have an addictive personality (and there are several things in my life that I easily become obsessed with). Hopefully the words I share on the subject in my writing may just help one person. Already a therapist who read PROUD PANTS has said she would recommend it to clients who deal with addiction in their own lives or with family members who have an addiction. (Lately, my obsession has been to let as many people as possible know about my book.) But I realize there are people out there trying to kick a real habit of something they can't seem to shake. And to them, I send all sorts of positive vibes their way.   

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