Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Close Another Door

I am a sucker for a good ending. The final pages of an amazing book. The soaring music before the credits of a movie. A stage play or musical that punches the final theme of the show. But what really gets me is a series finale or when someone says ‘goodbye’ on television. (Yes, Meredith Vieira – I’m talking about you.) I could barely get ready for work this morning as I kept staring at the television at all they were doing to bid farewell to her. Losing someone you see daily (Meredith, Oprah) can really leave a void in your life. (People better not attack me for putting the queen of TV in the same sentence with a morning talk show hosts, but I actually see Meredith more than Oprah since I’m at work when the O’s show would air.) I know they are just airwaves through a box into my living room, but I feel as if I get to know these people. They become a part of your morning or afternoon routine and you become accustomed to having them there.

Friends have teased me for setting my DVR for a series final even if I had already stopped watching that particular show. I’d still tune in to see how they planned on ending it. And television has given us some great ones through the years. (Six Feet Under is still one of my all time favorite endings.) I wonder what that says about me. I’m a planner who always needs something going on and juggling tons of projects, so why the obsession with finality? If only I had worked that out with a shrink back when I went, but even my time with my shrink had to come to an end as well.

I guess I like to see closure and I’ll admit…I have a soft spot for those touching moments when you see happiness, sadness, regret, jubilation all rolled into one final scene. But like other moments in our lives, these TV personalities need to move on – no matter how great of a job we believe they did or what credibility or freshness they brought to their jobs. And like my own life when I end a project, I’m sure they have their next one right around the corner.  

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