Monday, June 27, 2011

A Few Words on Writing...

As an author, you write because you have a story that cries out to be heard. Sometimes you THINK you're writing one thing, but then the characters take you in a completely different direction. You are a slave to their world (for me - inside my laptop screen) and you speak through them as they speak to you. Once you complete it (and have read and re-read it over and over, making changes) you may pass it on to others to read. Feedback is key! And then it's back to more rewrites as you attempt to make it perfect. (But what is perfect, really? We all view perfection in a different way.) The manuscript is passed on to a professional editor (which is priority for someone like me who uses wrong words and tenses all the time) and your baby returns to you for...more rewrites. Then comes the submission phase. And rejection after rejection or you may hear "we like it, but..." or "it's not what we are looking for now." 

Jump ahead to when it's finally happening and you start to plan for the big release. The book is written. It is being printed and submitted to reviewers and your publicists is telling you that you have to make yourself known beyond your small world of friends. (Because as much as you want your friends to buy your book, you know you need strangers reading it too.) And so you go on a spree of throwing yourself into this huge world wide web of strangers. Joining discussion groups. Blogging about this and that. Tweeting (when you swore you would stay away from the little blue bird). Creating a Facebook page dedicated to your public persona as an author. And writing articles, blogs, and commentaries wherever you can. All in the hopes of touching a few more people and turning strangers into someone who just might not find you so 'strange' (or maybe they still do - but that draws them to you all the more).

This part has truly been exciting as I prepare for my novel to come out this fall. I've loved the people I have met online, numerous new authors I've come in contact with (reading their books and enjoying their writing) and the people that have reached out to me because of an article or blog they've read of mine. I've always said "I'm an actor - give me a line to say and I'll say it!" But just being Greg hasn't been all that bad either. And I appreciate when people respond to this crazy Texan living in Jersey (and love when I see a tweet re-tweeted...did I ever think I'd say that sentence?). 

Hopefully this is just the start as my story Proud Pants comes out next month and I look forward to the journey of promoting Well With My Soul in the fall. If my dear old friend Gail is looking down on me now (as she swore I'd end up writing instead of performing), I hope she's proud of what I'm doing and saying "I told ya so!" 

Life is good & I'm thankful to those that are traveling this wild ride with me.  

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