Saturday, June 25, 2011

What a weekend to celebrate!

I have been attending the gay pride parade in Manhattan for many years since I moved to New York back in 1987. In the 90s, I ventured out over the river to Jersey to settle down in the burbs - but at times my heart still aches to be in the big city. Well, after last night's historic vote in the NY State Senate, my heart is definitely with that state today. When my partner and I had a civil union three years ago this summer, I wasn't certain we'd ever see the day the word 'marriage' would be used (and I still long for the day that our state will change). But I am thrilled for my NY friends who will now be able to do just that. 

For me, this isn't a 'gay thing' though. As much as I write about gay issues for, blog about important stories to that community, and write books with gay characters - I still believe homosexuality is just one part of who I am. It does not define me. And the more that society realizes this vote was about equality and not about a certain group asking for privileges, perhaps a time will come (and how great it would be if it occurred in my lifetime) when these issues will not cause a firestorm of debates and I will not be classified as a 'gay author' (not that anything is wrong with that).  

But for now, I am so excited to see this happening in such a large state as NY. This gives hope to the rest of the country. It shows that equality is important to people (who thought differently a few years ago as some of the senators shared, flipping their vote this time around). And it means that the pride parade on Sunday will be a true celebration - 42 years after the historic Stonewall riots. That's pretty exciting for this 42 year old who left Texas for NY all those years ago.     

Do you think Carvel would have a rainbow cake for the occasion?