Monday, July 11, 2011

The Fine Print on that Marriage Pledge

I blogged about this topic before, but the group The Family Leader who is trying to force all Republican Presidential candidates to sign this pledge against Gay Marriage got me riled up and forced me to speak again. Both Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum have agreed to sign it (after a section about slavery was removed). I can only hope skeletons are not pulled out of each of their closets at some point. My problem truly is how they tend to wrap so many issues up under the same umbrella instead of just stating what they really want to say. If you are a politician or the head of an organization that despises one group and their presumed agenda, then just say that. To alter and add rhetoric to appear as if you're standing for something else (and not that you're really against the former), makes people look like idiots. I understand that people are passionate about their beliefs. That's actually a good thing. But respect those beliefs and just say it! 

If in your heart you cannot comprehend why gays exists in the world, how homosexuals can possibly lead productive lives, and what they provide for our society - say it. I have been attacked time and again because of my life (and I know it will continue to happen in the future), but it doesn't affect me because these people attacking do not know me.

But to sign a document called the marriage vow that deals with fidelity to spouses and divorce laws will surely leave out some Republican hopefuls. Those very people should not preach they are anti-gay marriage because of their belief in the sanctity of marriage as their actions paint a different picture. Especially those on their third or 4th wife (loud-mouth radio hosts and potential presidential nominees) - your life does not reflect your belief that marriage is between one man and one woman: so stop using that slogan. 

I would have so much more respect for these people if they would just say "I really can't stand gay people" instead of hiding. I know in our 'politically correct society' it's not proper to say what you really mean - but I'd prefer honesty in this situation. Then we would not witness people doing a media spin on what is right/wrong with society and clouding issues with additional wording. But like Whoopi Goldberg on The View discussing this very issues this morning, my blood also boils when people go off on any kind of gay equality when their own house is in total disarray. 

The only good thing I can see from this marriage vow is how they want to reform divorce law. I've been saying to every complaint about gay couples destroying marriage: if we want to go after the true culprit of destruction, then outlaw divorce. Let's see how quickly the country will change their tune about who can be together if taking that plunge means for better and for worse now and forever. 


  1. Amen! I'm so sick of all the political rhetoric. Just say what you really mean. Like you said, if you don't like gays, just say it. It's not like our feelings are going to be hurt any more by open hostility than hostility disguised as something else.

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  3. Sherwood - you are correct that gay marriage is not allowed in all countries (or even all states in the US). My issue in this post is not about gay marriage, but that people hide behind "gays are bad for the sanctity of marriage" when what they really mean is "we really have a problem with gays." I did click on the link you shared about divorce and people should find ways to work through it in as non-confrontational a way as possible.