Monday, July 18, 2011

Following Your Heart

Have you ever met a person who absolutely hates what they do? They despise going to work each day. They don't enjoy their boss or co-workers. They complain nonstop about the day-to-day grind. I will admit that I have been lucky in life. I left home to chase after that New York dream and 24 years later, I'm still going after what I want to do...and I'm happy doing it. And I have friends and loved ones in my life who also enjoy what they do. I know they are as grateful as I am, because not everyone can be so lucky. 

Then at times - you see someone and you just know they are meant to do a certain thing and you find it hard not to speak up because they are 'just so good at it.' This past weekend, I got to catch a friend of mine in a show. I've seen this person on stage many times. I've directed them in a few shows as well as being on stage with them. But everything they've done in their life from dance classes to singing and acting all came together in this one performance - and I was blown away. I wouldn't want to say I didn't think they had it in them because this person is very talented...but I will say I was in such awe and so proud to see someone that happy and confident doing what it is they love. 

Whatever that thing may be for you - follow your heart. Go for it! You just never know what may come of it in the end.

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