Monday, July 11, 2011

Support of the Indie

By Douglas Light
When I was shopping my novel manuscript to different small publishers, I would always purchase a book from each publisher to read something they had published (and to see what the finished product looked like). Yes, I spent quit a few dollars with the amount of places I was submitting to - but it felt worth it to me. I was supporting indie publishers as well as new authors. I read a debut novel over a year ago from Behler Publications which tends to deal with books on social relevance and life changing experiences. That book was East Fifth Bliss by Douglas Light. A survival book about a grown man living with his father in the East Village of NY (and it deals with solitude in a very unique way). I don't know this author, but like most new books I read (that I enjoy) - I searched the internet about him and discovered the movie was being made from his debut novel and I became very excited for this person that I had no connection to. And then to read that Michael C. Hall (from Showtime's Dexter) would be playing the lead character...I was even more excited. Now I see the film has been shot, hitting the indie film festival circuit and I couldn't be happier for this author who has been able to realize his dream (all from indie publisher to indie film-making). Movie Website I think it is so important to support and encourage fellow artists and authors. I have discovered so many new ones through the internet (facebook, twitter) and I must say that the support is very evident in how authors will read and review each other's work. It's definitely a group I'm proud to be a part of - and I can't wait to see Mr. Light's movie in a theater after having read his wonderful debut! 


  1. Yes, I so agree. Indie publishers need more people like you in the writing/reading community. I get excited for the successes of authors I've read, too.

  2. Lori, isn't it a great feeling to be excited for someone else instead of resentful? :-)

  3. This post was both interesting and useful to me. I have written a novel I consider to be about both socially relevant and life changing experiences so I will search out this publisher. Thank you for both supporting colleagues and giving us an example to follow!