Monday, August 1, 2011

Connecting with Readers

          The moment I found, it was as if I had stumbled upon some giant book club and suddenly I was a card-carrying-member - like Costco for readers or Oprah's book club blown up on internet steroids. Finding like minds (or unlike in some cases) of which you can share reviews, recommend a book, or discuss your thoughts on a particular author or story can be such a rarity in the vast world of the internet. But here is a place different from other social media sites because we all share a common love of the written word. 
          Authors can directly connect with their readers and even host discussions or book giveaways or a variety of other events. Readers can give honest opinions on something they read and link to people who enjoy those same unique stories where the heroine is a cross-stitching, bungee-jumping, collector of antique teacups and civil war memorabilia (or whatever type of protagonist you enjoy reading about). 
          Seeing as how much I love to read, I'm so glad I found this place - almost a year ago (my goodreads anniversary is in September). As I was getting ready for work this morning, I looked at the bookshelf of all the books I've read that I never entered onto goodreads. I know I need to spend some time and update my "read" virtual shelf with those that hold a place on the real shelf in my home. 
           That way, my new online-reading buddies can share their thoughts on my eclectic mix of escapism. And I really love that disappearing act into an author's made-up world.  

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  1. So last night I added many more books to my goodreads list, now to go back (eventually) and review/rank them.