Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Blog!

I can't believe its been a year on 8.10 that I took to the blogosphere. My first blog was about a poem of mine being published in an anthology and a year later, I'm happy to be blogging about other publishing accomplishments as well as a slew of other topics. Everything from Broadway show reviews, to things that get me riled up in the news, to equality - blogging has changed me as a writer. A friend of mine (who has read every single thing I've ever written) said to me she thought I found 'my voice' when I started blogging. I think in a way it has helped to hone that voice and create a better author in the long run. Not to mention the great people I've met from across the country (and in other countries) who have visited my blog, shared comments, and used the internet as a way to connect. It really is an amazing tool to reach beyond our insular worlds and not only share views with others; but hear different points of views as well.

So thank you to all that have come out and read and told me when you do (and don't) enjoy my topics! You made my first year a success and I hope I can continue to share more thoughts as they pop into my head.

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