Monday, August 22, 2011

Like Buttah!

I cannot put my finger on why Ms. Streisand has always meant so much to me. The cliche of being gay is just to easy...and while gay men have flocked to the gawky woman who found a way to fit into the world for decades, there is so much more to her. Tuesday she has a new CD coming out which if sales take off could mean she enters her 6th decade of having a number one album/CD on the charts (he types on the weekend as his other half just downloaded a Streisand song from iTunes). 
For me - she has been the soundtrack for my life. From the moment my mother had me sit and watch Funny Girl through being a kid in the 70s listening to Streisand (and Manilow) on my FM portable radio, through her powerful songs of the 80s and 90s...she has always spoken to me through her voice and lyrics she chooses to sing. So many of those songs have been the words of Alan & Marilyn Bergman who know how to to cut to the emotion of what they are speaking of - and Barbra can deliver that emotion like no one else. (It is actually their songs on her new CD he says with a giddy excitement.) 
She also knows what she wants and goes after that - and this control freak LOVES that aspect. People have called her all sorts of things while working with her or interviewing or, but being a person who likes to have her hand in all aspects of her art isn't such a bad thing. It means she cares and she only wants what is best for her fans. Years ago when I ran into her in Central Park and got up the nerve to actually speak to her - I kept telling myself that it was possible she could have swatted me down quickly and yelled at me for intruding on her pleasant day out in the park. But she was as nice to a young fan as she could be...and that truly is a person who understands how to maintain that 'star' for many decades. I was lucky to have seen her in Madison Square Garden years after that and so glad she is still going strong now. 
Welcome back to my iPod, Babs!           

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