Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tilting Right & Left

I wonder if I’ll ever see the day that our political landscape in the US is not divided by parties. Watching how our government fights across the aisle only encourages the rest of the country to follow their lead. (And I type this knowing I’m just as guilty of it.) It seems we are more divided than ever in so many different areas. Perhaps I notice it more because of my own life and like many…where we ‘sit’ can dictate how we feel on a situation. It bothers me when one side feels they have full ownership over a particular religion. Like those of us who share certain beliefs of faith must be wrong if other areas of our lives do not line up with exactly what others believe to be ‘right’. If you draw a long line from conservative to liberal – each will quote “pursuit of happiness” – but who gets to define happiness? Both sides feel their happiness must deny the other side their own. Right wings believe the left has a hidden agenda that is pushing everything from gay marriage to bestiality. Liberals feel the right is trying to flood the country with propaganda about the country’s history and starve the poor so they will just die off. Both views seem so extreme and yet in some ways we are forced to take a side because of a few glimmers of commonality we feel with a particular group.

I find it exhausting.    

Will there ever be a person that will be able to bring these sides together? To show that diversity in our country goes beyond color of skin, who and how we worship, and the amount of zeros you may see on your paycheck?

I’m not sure of the answer. I want us to be able to have different beliefs and not live in a Stepford Village-type country; but I also want the noise of blame, the pissing contests, and the intolerance to cease. 


  1. Many of us had hoped that Barack Obama would be that transcendent figure. Apparently we were mistaken.

    The flaws in our political process started out as tiny cracks, but over time the cracks have become dangerously large. Now our government is close to the breaking point. I wish I saw some hope of fixing it, but we are helpless to change anything, it seems.

    Our 2-party system has become a disaster. I envy the European countries that have a truer, more representative, democracy. In Germany, for example, there are so many political parties you can find one you actually agree with and vote your conscience. You don't have to worry about "throwing your vote away" because the minority parties still have a voice in the government -- and forming coalitions forces people to work together, not fight each other.

  2. Diane - you make some really great points and I agree with so much of it. It is a shame when you feel your vote/voice doesn't even matter.