Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tornadoes, Earthquakes & Hurricanes

When I was ten years old, I was in one of the worst tornadoes that part of Texas had seen in decades. I went to the movies with a friend and his father and midway through Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, I heard a freight train going overhead. It was one of the strangest and yet frightening things I can recall. Once it was over, we walked out into the mall to all sorts of devastation and it took over two hours for us to drive the ten miles back to our small town. Since then, storms of any kind have always bothered me. I don't do well with mother nature. For years after that - a tornado siren could cause me to break out in hives. Luckily those times have changed, but this past week of sitting at my desk and feeling the earth move around me and then a few days later waiting for Irene to hit New Jersey...those feelings towards all things weather/earth shifts have come up again. I suppose it doesn't really matter what part of the country we live in any more. We've learned that no matter where you are, nature can pull whatever she wants on us. I've always thought that nature would dictate where I would want to eventually retire and settle down...but I guess we can't really run from it. Instead...I'll just think in terms of a place that has a decent climate where I'm not too hot or too cold. I hope everyone is surviving the aftermath of Irene in the Northeast...and for those in other places - surviving what ever the "Great Mother" may be throwing towards you.    


  1. I heard the freight train noise last night, off in the distance. We had 2 tornado warnings in an hour, and the sirens went off. Moved Linda and Teryn into the inside bathroom. Scary shit. The warnings lasted for about an hour, and then it was just a lot of rain. Glad you and yours are safe!

  2. Chris - that is such an awful noise. So glad you are all safe and sound. Guess we just always have to be prepared - especially in this new world where tornadoes can occur in any part of the country. Take care!

  3. I'm glad you're safe and sound, Greg.
    Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to bestow upon you this Blog Award! For you: