Sunday, September 18, 2011

All Over The World

I’ve preached on my blog about authors that look at numbers and how that can discourage (or encourage) depending on what’s going on. But I did want to just say that the statistics page on bloggers is really interesting (and I’m not talking about which blog of mine draws more attention). I mean the part about the different countries outside of my own that have viewed my blog: Germany, the UK, Australia, Canada, France, India, Zambia, Switzerland, and Ireland...what a sense of connection to something beyond my computer! It's what the internet has really done for me as I've discovered the joy of blogging and social media. FB started out as a way to talk to people I know - with twitter - it became about talking to people that I don't know and meeting new people; many working towards the same goals that I have. But blogging gives me an outlet to talk about so many different things. Hopefully allowing people to think about what they read and an attempt to give a slightly different voice to my liberal (sometimes more middle) way of thinking and seeing the world. Thanks to all those countries for checking out the fat guy. Perhaps I should be blogging about the food from each of those places…see how easily my mind can go right back to my stomach?  

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