Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Are You A Good Karma or A Bad Karma?

karma: noun. Action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results,    good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation. 

Call it getting what you deserve, doing good deeds, or paying it forward - I sort of believe we reap what we sow. This weekend my other half and I were sitting at a red light when a man went by on a bicycle and I noticed something coming out of his pocket. I no sooner said "something is about to fall" when out plopped a bag with medication as he sped off. I jumped out and grabbed it, Anthony turned the SUV and we headed down the road after him. He was pretty stunned when we pulled up with our window down and handed it back to him and went about our day. A truly uneventful moment for us, but for him - it could have been the difference between getting into a fight with his spouse swearing he went to the pharmacy and/or trying to retrace his steps. 

There is something satisfying in giving back to people, especially when it really doesn't cost you much to do it. But other times, we might have to give up a little more of ourselves in the process. But think about how karma can play into that and just maybe - you'll get something just as rewarding out of it (or something not so good when you don't give of yourself). As an author, I try my hardest to be supportive of other writers by reading their work, taking the time to write a review (if I really have something to add that hasn't been said) and even writing a testimonial for them as they prepare to release a book. I know how difficult it is to get those from other authors as people are just so busy. But since I love to read anyways (and I feel I should always be reading something), I see it as good karma to give back in those situations.  

Naturally there are times I simply cannot do something asked of me...and I have to say 'no' (see previous blog on that) but when I can...I want to try and help out. If it doesn't take much from my day, just maybe a big pink ball will float down from the sky and someone in will be granting me a wish or two.

Disclaimer: this blog is not intended to shame people into reading/reviewing/giving me testimonials of my work. After writing it last night & reading it this morning, I was afraid people would take it as such. No seriously...that's not what I'm doing...really!

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