Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Could You Last 24 Hours?

This past weekend I watched the movie 127 Hours for the first time. When I had heard this movie was up for so many awards, I couldn't understand how. A movie with basically one character and some rocks (my thoughts at the time) - what could be so spectacular about it? I can admit when my stupid brain is just that: stupid. The film making alone is worth all the accolades it received. The director had a vision and I so loved how that vision was translated on screen. From the cinematography to the music to the split screens, to James Franco's performance - this is an amazing film to watch.
Aron Ralston & James Franco who portrayed him in 127 Hours
But the story. The way we get inside of Aron Ralston's head. The man that seemed to have more confidence than anyone I've met (enough so to go out in the canyons alone to go climbing). And then the perseverance he had. The survival instincts. The sheer will to live. I was completely blown away and wept by the film's end. 

I believe I have a strong will to go on and move forward - but can never imagine living through something like this. And honestly, do not know if I would have it in me. But I guess that's the point: no one really knows until faced with such a challenge. Unless you have gone through a traumatic experience, you can't really speak to how you would react in that situation.

When I watch something like this or read a book about challenges, I feel I'm to apply it to my own life...the challenges I face (that are nothing as drastic) and use these lessons to face my own small battles. If we can't look at others for enlightenment and encouragement - then what is it all for? Thank you Danny Boyle for making films like this that challenge and inspire all in the same sitting.

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