Saturday, September 10, 2011

Counting Numbers or Expanding Potential

As an author I haven't really blogged about tips before, but wanted to share this one. I'll put a disclaimer that this is just one author's opinion, but if you find it appeals to you as well - great. 
As writers...we sometimes get wrapped up in numbers. How many people are buying our books, writing reviews, following us on Twitter and Facebook and all those other social media sites. These are all important as numbers mean you are reaching additional people that could potentially read your book.

One thing I've noticed lately is over on that little blue and white place called Facebook. So many authors have a page created that others can "LIKE" and they attempt to grow and grow those numbers by a myriad of different ways. I happen to think it's important for people to learn about a particular author's work to see if they are interested in reading what they've written - and what better 'free' way than follow them on a social media site. But authors are so consumed with seeing that number grow on the left hand side (and I include myself there) that they want all other authors to support their 'climb'. That support is crucial as who understands them better than another author - but I think there is a better way.

I keep my personal and professional lives separate on Facebook. While I share some of my professional endeavors with my friends/family on my personal page - that page is for people who actually know me and don't mind weeding through the vacation pictures and silly banter among my friends. An author page is where I share pieces of myself, my writing, and a peek into my world with many other people who have become a part of my life in a very quick (and important) way. But when I go out and "LIKE" another author's page on FB - I sign into my own author page and use that page to do the LIKING. This is two fold: one, it maintains my need to keep my personal separate and two: it allows me a way to build up a network of authors. Essentially - a FB writing world within FB. How you ask?

Every author I LIKE shows up on my author page on the bottom left in it's own category. All those pages I click on are there together for others that follow me to check out what authors I'm following. This gives those authors additional potential of meeting others. Granted...Facebook doesn't 'count' me on their page (there is that number watching again) - but I believe I'm offering something helpful to those authors that could be worth more than a count on a tote-board.  

The other great thing is does for me is when I click "Use Facebook as AUTHOR" and click on my news feed...there are all the authors I've "LIKED" in my feed in one place. I can see what they are all saying and they are not scattered between my niece off at college or my uncle's trip to the mountains or any other personal thing that can change my focus at a given moment. (Yes...I can be pulled off track that easily.) I've found I love seeing those authors updates in one newsfeed so I can scroll through and respond and discuss in my own little 'author world' and see what they each are doing.

If you're an author...give it a try. And let's just see if it expands those 'numbers' in a completely different way.

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