Thursday, September 22, 2011

Do You Judge a Book By The Cover?

There are so many Indie authors out there now - all looking for a piece of the Hocking/Locke pie. Indie/self-published authors have been thought of as 2nd class citizens for so long due to lack of editing, poor cover design and layout and a myriad of other issues. Yet there are numerous indie publishing houses that put the time and effort into those elements to create a product that can stand along side books coming out of a traditional house.

I will admit - I was always a snob about that very thing. When I saw a glossy cover, it screamed to me 'self published'. At one point I had signed with a vanity printing company (and I'm glad I got out of that contract), but was always unsatisfied when I looked through their inventory of books. I realize we should not 'judge a book by its cover' - but people do. And I do. I think many people place a value on a book based on how it looks and is designed. 

I was so please when the exterior and interior design of my book came back from my designer, Brion Sausser. We went through two exterior designs and I was thrilled with the final product. The interior was also so well laid out that I hoped the content I had written would stand up to his design of the entire book. 

I've met so many indie and self published authors this summer and have read several of their books. Of course, if you're creating an eBook - the layout and design sometimes seem to be "thrown right out the window" (because each device we use slightly alters the look and format so the design you intended may not always be what you see on the screen). But there is something about getting that print version in your hands that makes an author feel like they have truly arrived. Large publishing house, small indie press: much love and heart goes into what they are producing. And that's exactly how I feel about my book.

I want to end this blog with a question. What types of books are you drawn to when you go into a store? Covers that are glossy are matted? Photos of people on the front of something more symbolic of the story? Share your thoughts. I'm really interested in how readers are judging those covers.

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