Tuesday, September 27, 2011

From IT to the Arts

I have completely enjoyed myself interviewing people this month on their career changes. Getting to know what makes people tick from all different parts of the country...meeting them online. It has been eye opening and hopefully - inspiring to others thinking of taking the plunge. (And I'm speaking to some specific people and you know who you are.)

I was amazed by the amount of people that switched from something in the corporate world to that of a creative venture. Completely different side of the brain, but a most gratifying one I can assure. 

I wanted to share this great spotlight that Back Of the Book Reviews has done on me, my writing, and the very change I made a few short years ago. They are a group formed in spring of 2011 by friends in the UK and the US and have really been awesome about getting the word out on new authors as well as reviews on many books. I follow them on twitter and facebook and learn some wonderful things about what is happening in the world of writing. Be sure and check them out.  

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