Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How Much is that Book in the Window?

I read blogs and articles from so many authors - both debut authors starting out in the business to those that have been churning out books for a while. A common discussion I see is how hard it is for authors to get their books into physical stores. This is one reason so many authors have turned to the online giants...those very virtual stores that have become a thorn in the sides of so many brick and mortar places. I for one like it all. I love to browse through a bookstore for books (preferably a smaller indie store) as well as have the ease of going quickly online and download a book to my electronic reader. 

There are so many books out there, it would be impossible for them all to get into stores. Which is why authors turn into marketers and call up a store to see if they'll carry their book (and you better have a pretty good reason of why it would be a seller. Authors may want to SEE their books on a shelf, but book owners want to see them walking out the door in a customer's hand). 

I'm fighting my own battle in getting Well With My Soul into stores (though I'm honored that a few here and there are asking to read it and/or bringing me in for a reading). 

But if people want to help out an author they love: walk into that Indie store and ask for the book. Tell the bookstore owner they should be carrying it and that you would purchase it from them. That's one of the thrills of still being able to go into an actual store; your voice can be heard as a patron and a book lover.

(And if you happen to see Well With My Soul in a store this fall: snap a photo of it and put it up on my facebook page!) 

Four weeks and counting...


  1. As I have told you in the past, I am not a reader. Having said that....I have read the first 2 chapters of Well with my Soul and (which is banner for me! LOL) and I WANT to read MORE!!! Now I just need to make some reading time in my day!

  2. So glad you are enjoying it! Keep reading...there are layers upon layers of family drama in that story. ;-)