Friday, September 2, 2011

Make That Change!

Five years ago this month, I walked away from 13 years in Corporate America to make a huge career change to what I’m doing now managing an arts center. Working in that environment brought so many new creative avenues to me and my love of writing skyrocketed. I decided to celebrate that change in my life by highlighting others during this month that have made their own change in life. Some I know; some that reached out to me, and I thank each of them for sharing. I hope you enjoy the stories of change as much as I have.
Stephen B. Faulkner
President & CEO
In the early 90’s I entered the work force with a freshly laminated state license from the state of Missouri in my wallet proclaiming my completion of an associate program at Washington University St Louis with over 7,000 hours of internship completed in metro hospital emergency rooms. The job was exciting, fast paced, and always something new every day. One day it was your standard heart attack or an MVA (motor vehicle accident) to a full blown trauma GSW (gunshot wound) or even the joy of childbirth or active labor in the back of a bouncing ambulance.  It was a hell of a ride and offered some insight into people lives...then the personal tragedy of losing my two younger sisters to a drunk driver while on their way to a family reunion when I was to be in that car with them on the drive opting instead to cover a 12hr shift for a coworker & watching my parents break down from this tragic moment - work had become more important than family. 

Stephen believed a change in scenery was needed and moved to Miami where he began taking courses at a local university while continuing his EMS work. But one night after a call that included a family classified as DOA (dead on arrival) where a drunk driver had killed the entire family    – I packed my gear and unloaded my locker at the station house. I put all of the gear in the trunk of my car, said goodbye to Marcus my Cuban partner of 18 months and just like that my career in EMS was over.

Stephen increased his credit load to that of a full time student and began studies in technology along with business administration – taking every type of ‘stay alive job’ one could think of. Once school was complete, he began working with an IT firm in Texas and found he enjoyed the travel. 

One day it happened, I was visiting with a colleague who was struggling with an issue affecting his father’s business. He asked if I would fly out and take a look. I took the offer and flew out that weekend, worked the weekend and resolved the issue. The owner handed me a check and extended his hand and appreciation.  That day I received much more than a check,  I received a small business owners gratitude and friendship. I realized that weekend that this is what I wanted to do in my professional life. Today that client is in several countries and still consults with us at Cybernut Solutions. I love what I do, I have a passion for delivering technology to business owners and helping them become more productive and realizing that technology properly delivered can be simple and effective! My little upstart has grown into a company of technicians, engineers, and project managers who care about the clients and end users we help every day. Every new hire is carefully screened and must understand and accept this philosophy: Our focus is serving others and our reward is much more than the check.

Advice for others thinking of making a change: Follow your heart, your ambitions, find your calling, find your passion, do not settle, find your talent and serve people with it!

Great advice, Stephen! Thank you very much for sharing. If others have a story of change they want to share this month, send me the information at greg (at) ggallen (dot) net.

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