Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Homophobic Writing

Homophobia can disguise itself in so many different ways. It can be blatant like the college teacher in Fort Worth that is being denied work because she is a lesbian or it can be hidden by people just leaving you and your partner off of an invite list for a family gathering. (This did not happen to me, I’m just using that as an example.) I think some of the worst kind is when it is self inflicted because people cannot handle who they really are. They want to run from it, hide, change it by ‘praying away the gay’ – or a number of other ways to escape it. Recently, the American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer said he wants to recriminalize homosexuality. That is pretty blatant. He is not simply saying he is ‘ant-gay marriage’: he wants to send me to jail. How can I and many people I love and respect not take offense to that? I understand this is America and we have free speech – but this hate speech only fuels the fire of bullying young gay kids which works against the entire past year of so many organizations attempting to help those kids that are dealing with their own fear of being gay. It’s not an easy road for a kid fighting the world while fighting their own internal issues with it. And sometimes it’s not an easy road for an adult either. 
I attempted to get inside that very story when I wrote Well With My Soul (ASD Publishing: Oct 11 release). Homophobia plays a huge role in this family drama as one brother’s ‘gayness’ comes between his relationship with his brother as we follow their lives for 15 years. I hope that the story I share can do a small part in aiding families that are dealing with this issue every day. I’m not looking to change the world: just tell a moving story.    

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