Friday, September 23, 2011

'Planning A Party' Career

I’ve watched my friend Angela (who I knew from doing theater) the past few years really take off with a business she started and I have been so incredibly impressed. This mother of twins saw an opportunity from something she knew she did well, loved to do, and created an amazing service that can be utilized by so many people (including yours truly who hired her for the Book Release Party in NYC).
Angela Shafer 
       So, what did you do previously and what is your business now?
I was a med tech for a cardiologist office. I liked my job, but once the girls were born it didn't make sense for me to work because we would pay more in day care then I made. We still needed some source of income and the party business just fell in my lap almost five years ago…FIVE years.  I enjoy planning parties and events and had helped out with my friend’s wedding, planned my sister’s baby shower, etc....and just loved it! Then people started to ask me to do things for them for pay and it just steam rolled from there. I started to acquire more and more tools and supplies little by little and was able to do bigger and better things with every design!  
     How did you choose party planning?
I don't know that I chose this business or if it chose me if that makes any sense. It started out as a little extra money here and there and now it has grown so much that I hire help when I need it. I love working with people to come up with the perfect theme for their party and then watching it bloom from invitation to favor! I pride myself on personalizing and tailoring everything I make to fit my client’s needs. 
     How has your life (mom/wife/person) changed? 
Life has changed a lot....I was used to going to work and then coming home. Work was done...but now it is NEVER done! (I just need a good week with nothing but my house and a bucket of cleaning products!) J The business takes most of my time and the kids take up all that is left! My family is very, very supportive! Everyone from my husband to my mother, father, and sister have helped out in one way or another and I think it is funny that my kids know what everything I make is called and the name of all the tools I use. Looks like I am grooming them to take over the family business!  
     Do you have advice for someone who may be thinking of starting their own business? 
Figure out what you are doing, take it slow, and have people who want to help are gonna need it!

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