Friday, September 30, 2011

Social Media & Author Tips

When new authors jump into the world of social media & indie publishing - you tend to learn some useful things. The past four months have been an amazing crash course for me. 

My top ten list of social media / author tips:

1) Pricing books are important. Though you'll never get rich, e-readers love books under $5 and even better under $1.
2) Vanity Presses price their books so high, they can price an author right out of people purchasing them (aren't you glad you cancelled that old contract, Greg?)
3) Egos abound in every field. You may bruise some as you work with design teams, authors, etc - but try and remember everyone wants what is best for your baby...and their own. 
4) Indie Pricing = 'give books away' - (you'll make next to nothing from an indie publisher) but hey: you really want people to read your stuff, right?
5) Get involved in social media conversations that have nothing to do with your product/book.
6) Read. Read. Read. (and write reviews of other author's work! You want someone doing that for you too.)
7) Don't 'cleverly' hide your own product inside posting about something else. (Everyone can tell and Amazon hates it when reviewers do it)
8) Let your friends on FB/twitter share information about your book so it's not always coming from you.
9) Share information about your friend's book so it's not always coming from them.
10) Pay-it-forward: if you find something/learn something helpful: share it. We're all in this together!


  1. Good tips, thanks. I must mention that I went with an indie publisher and I make a good royalty. I think the key is to do your homework before choosing a publishing route. The real crux of the matter, no matter how an author decides to publish, is remembering that he/she will be his/her own marketing team.


  2. Thanks, Lucy. And that is great advice as well. "Own marketing team" - it is so true.