Monday, September 19, 2011

Weather And a Few Signs...

Bill Evans & his book. Photo: Bob Luckey 
That's what got me out of the house tonight to do what all new authors should do. Get to a bookstore and watch another author lead their book signing. In this instance, this name came up three times the past week - so something told me I needed to go. Oddly enough, when creating my list of people to send Well With My Soul to last year for testimonials - his name was on my list then. He had worked in Dallas in the late 80s and moved to NYC right after I did from DFW to work with WABC-TV in '89 and is their senior meteorologist. His stints performing on stage along with his southern upbringing made me believe I wanted to get my book to Bill Evans, but I never did. 

The past few years, Bill Evans has turned to writing and has three novels out (a 4th next June) and a children's book due in February. He told us tonight he has known since 13 he wanted to be a weatherman, but when I asked about his writing and being an author...he said it was about getting his research on weather topics out to more people. You can see the enthusiasm for what he does and it's obvious he has a love for combing his joy of weather with 'thriller type' novels. I'm really looking forward to reading his work and can't thank him enough for a pretty cool night for this debut novel writer. 

Bill & Greg
I had a copy of my book in my bag and through prodding from some very nice people I spoke with waiting in line to get our books signed, the opportunity presented itself and I took a photo with us both doing the 'author pose' holding our books. Then when I gave it to him and tried to slip away - he told me I had to sign it for him and so he provided my first 'unofficial signing'. What a guy! He has no idea how he made this small author feel, but I did get a great lesson in how to treat those people who show up, buy your book, and spend a few moments learning about you and your writing. Grab his new book Dry Ice and give his weather-infused novel a try!

Thanks, Mr. Evans. I'll be looking for my weather report from you tomorrow morning.

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