Thursday, October 27, 2011

Book Touring to Sirius Radio

Kitty Goes Everywhere:
Even the Sirius Radio Station
If you think that love isn't found on the radio...
What an amazing day I had. Even a rainy morning in New York couldn't get me down today. I had the honor of appearing on Out Q Sirius Radio with host Larry Flick to discuss my book on The Morning Jolt. People may find it bizarre that a man who has been an actor and a singer on stage (and toured the country in a ninja turtle suit) can get nervous, but I still do. As an author, I think one of the hardest parts is just being 'you' and discussing your book and yourself. There are times we think "why should people listen to what I have to say?" and then someone like Larry reads your book and asks you to come on to discuss it and there is a sense of amazing validation for your work.

I'm always one to live in reality (Lord knows I've watched enough reality TV) - by that I mean I don't have grand notions of my book hitting the NY Times Best Seller List or Hollywood knocking on my door. I stay grounded and simply want to write stories that people enjoy - that will hopefully touch, inspire, and cause people to ask questions. However, with each 'first' that happens on this book tour - I can't help but stop and breathe it in and enjoy the moment as it happens. There is something surreal that takes over as you float through it believing it's not really happening to you: people are not in a line to buy your book and have it signed at a local store; you are not talking to a well known DJ who read your book and is telling people on a national level about it on his show; you really didn't just notice your numbers climbing on the Amazon list indicating more sells have occurred. The thrill is very hard to describe, yet 'thrill' is the word to use.

Heading into this morning, a real sense of who I am took over as I analyzed the fear I was having. I am a huge planner (have you seen my blogs on my vacations?) and somewhat of a control freak. (Friends reading this are now saying 'somewhat'? Remove that word!) It hit me the fear of a live radio interview came out of the fact I had completely no control over anything. Nada. Not knowing the questions or where it would lead is hard on a type A personality...but it was great and I absolutely loved being there. Larry Flick has been doing this for years and he was so kind and warm towards me, he put me right at ease and I felt like I was talking to a group of old friends with both him and Keith Price (who does the show each morning with Larry). 

My dear friend (who also acts as my life coach) told me those things that seem like a coincidence should not easily be pushed aside. As I walked up to the building this morning, it struck me that I almost ended up working in that very McGraw-Hill Building. I had interviewed there with a prominent banking company and came close to taking the job (until my former job ponied up more money to keep me with them). And I stood staring across the street at Radio City Music Hall that also plays a major turning point in Well With My Soul and thought about how the book and reality were merging. Then once inside, I find out that Keith and I are both originally from Texas and swore we had met before. Coincidences be damned! 

I can't say thanks to Larry enough for today. It's one more moment I'll hang on to from this tour (that has included book signings, blog tours, radio spots) and hopefully - one more moment that will introduce his listeners to my book and I'll get an opportunity to reach someone else with my writing.

For me, that's what it's all about.

Be "well" all...and tune in to Larry's show each morning on channel 108 on Sirius! Great interviews, talks, and music!


  1. Shhhh.... don't tell anyone but I'm sitting here at work reading your novel. :-) If I get fired do you need a personal assistant?

  2. Haha! Don't get in trouble over that.